Join the big Christmas Jumper Swap!


The Christmas Jumper phenomenon is as strong as ever, and it’s now become a staple of the office party ensemble. So this year Derry City and Strabane District Council is encouraging people to take part in a new initiative to give your castaway Christmas jumper a new lease of life.

If your jumper is one of the 65 million unloved jumpers sitting at the back of the cupboard, then why not swap it for something new, and add some sparkle to your wardrobe this Christmas.

We will be accepting Christmas jumper donations at the listed drop off points below:

🎅Guildhall, Derry.

🎅Council Offices, 98 Strand Road, Derry.

🎅 Waterside Shared Village

🎅The 4R’s, Pennyburn, Derry.

🎅Waterside Shared Future Village, Derry.

🎅The Alley Theatre, Strabane.

🎅Council Offices, Derry Road, Strabane.

🎅Strahans Road Recycling Centre, Strabane.