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Derry City and Strabane District Council continues to offer an exciting recycling education programme and workshops to local schools within the district aimed at stimulating awareness of the many issues associated with waste and of the range of solutions available through waste minimisation and recycling activities. 

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Derry City And Strabane District Council fully support the Eco-Schools NI program.

Whether your school is considering becoming an Eco-School or if you have already received an award currently or in the past, council can help guide you on the best path towards completing your Eco-Schools goals. Meetings can be organised to discuss your current position in your Eco-Schools work. Our Eco-Schools assessor can discuss, provide advice and guidance on your Eco-Schools work and can also explain councils complimentary Education Programmes and Workshops available to the school in relation to Waste and Recycling.

For everything you need to know log onto the Eco-Schools Northern Ireland website.

The Eco Schools webinar is perfect for showing children in the classroom:

For further inspiration see links to Eco Schools social media platforms where they regularly post ideas and resources:


#Recycleweek Clean up our world  ♻️

Thanks to the wonderful boys and girls from Miss Madden’s class at Broadbridge Primary School, Eglinton for sharing their thoughts on what recycling means to them and how they recycle in the classroom. 🌎 We can all do our bit to help our environment by reducing waste and recycling through little actions every single day like buying less packaged goods and using the correct bins.  #reducingwaste#cleanupourworld

#RecycleWeek Sorting out our rubbish
Sorting out what can and cannot be recycled is an important part of every meal. Thanks to these two eco-warriors from @LongTowerPS for showing us how it’s’ done.
These simple steps help everyone at home and importantly help our environment.

#RecycleWeek Shopping Sustainably
Thanks to @EthicalWeigh in Eglinton for letting us use their lovely eco store to do this short video on how to shop sustainably. Here are our top tips on eco-friendly shopping:

– Bring a shopping bag
– Reuse containers
– Buy loose veg
– Choose food that’s locally grown/made
For further info see

#RecycleWeek Changing a banana into a carrot
Did you know that recycled food peelings like bananas are turned into compost helping us grow vegetables locally? Little eco champion Lily gives us a demo on changing a banana into a carrot. A lovely wee activity to keep the kids entertained & plant the seed about the cycle of food.

Waste and Recycling Presentation

A free education programme is offered to all primary and secondary schools in the Derry City and Strabane District Council area.

Our officers will visit schools to give short presentations and workshops to Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 pupils on Waste Management topics.

The programme aims to educate children about the problems associated with waste and how they can take responsibility for changing habits.

Presentations can be adapted and designed for a more bespoke programme for your school/class upon request.

All issues within the programme have been designed to target a wide variety of elements within the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Waste and Recycling Workshops

Follow up workshops are available upon completion of the Waste and Recycling Presentation. These include the following workshops:

Composting Workshop

"Changing a banana into a carrot"
Topics of interest include: sorting waste, food waste, compost, growing your own food, paper reuse

Plastic Cups

Art From Waste

This workshop involves children collecting items of waste at home and making them into pieces of art.

Children in school

Music From Waste

This workshop involves pupils researching different types of musical instruments and finding a way of creating similar sounds with items of waste.

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Here are some of the upcoming events and schemes across Derry and Strabane District Council.

Repair Café

Date: 25th May 2024
Location: U3A Gransha, Derry

Foyle Maritime Festival

Date: 27th - 30th June
Location: Derry

Paint Reuse Scheme

Date: See recycling centre opening times
Location: Pennburn, Strathfoyle, Strathans Road

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Recycling is more important than ever right now particularly as we try to get through this pandemic; ensuring that materials are available locally to make products for the grocery and healthcare industry like boxes for food supplies and bottles for medicine.

We can all do our bit to make the world a more eco-friendly place!

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Contact Us

If you have any queries in relation to our Schools Education Programme please contact:

Derry Area
Waste and Recycling Officer
Julie Hannaway
[email protected]

Strabane Area
Waste Data Officer
Yvonne Lecky
[email protected]