The Circular Economy in Action! By Zero Waste NW

The overwhelming majority of people want real change after Covid-19, not just a return to how things were before.

Since 2013 Zero Waste North West has been researching and promoting a real alternative to business as usual – the Zero Waste/Circular Economy model. 

The three core principles of the Circular Economy are:

Design out waste and pollution

Keep using materials and products

Regenerate natural systems

According to the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation, it is only by integrating all three in a concerted approach that a fully circular economy can be achieved.

Graphic by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Zero Waste North West is modelling the first two principles with three Circular Economy projects.

The Use Less Shop which provides plastic and chemical-free domestic products has been run by ZWNW volunteers since Oct 2018. In April 2021 the ZW team employed our first part-time worker to start a Cloth Nappy Library. Following a successful launch in partnership with Sustrans and the 4Rs during Bike Week June 2021, two ZWNW members have been busy rescuing bicycles from landfills, repairing them and selling them.

In September 2021 ZWNW is moving into our first premises in Spencer Rd Derry. The ZW Hub will house the Use Less Shop, Cloth Nappy Library and Bicycle Rescue/Repair projects and will also sell Fair Trade products. The ZW Hub will be a focal point for educating citizens about the real possibilities for change. It will also support opportunities for people who want to be actively involved in looking after resources in a circular economy model. There is more information about the projects on our website.