Commercial Operators

Customer Information

We offer a fortnightly commercial waste collection service for businesses in the Derry/Strabane areas. We provide a recycling service for businesses and a waste food collection services also.

Black and blue are emptied on a rotating fortnightly basis, the same as the household collections and brown bins are emptied weekly for commercial customers. The waste we collect for Commercial bins is the same as the waste collected for domestic bins.

Contracts are Annual, 1st April to 31st March. Invoices are issued around this time every year in advance of the collection year. Once Invoices are paid, associated bin stickers are issued to be applied clearly on bins for servicing. Customers joining up to the service during the collection year will receive an adjusted Invoice.

We offer 5% discount on all Direct Debit payments (If customers joining Mid-Year – Direct Debit discount only applicable from the following year). Please indicate if you want to pay by Direct Debit as there is a mandate form that will need to be completed/returned as part of the process. 

Food Waste

These bins are emptied weekly i.e. the brown bin can be left out at the kerbside during both a black or blue bin week. Council will provide customers who use the Brown Bin service with a 23 L Food Caddy with accompanying bin liners. The caddy is used in conjunction with the 120 L Bin. To request more caddy liners, customers are asked to contact Council and place a request. 


Duty of Care Requirement

Your business is legally required to produce documentation showing how you manage and transfer the movement of your waste.

The legislation requires all producers, carriers and managers of waste to put in place a system of transfer notes in order to document information related to waste and waste movements. For further information regarding Duty of Care (Waste Transfer Notes) please click here.

Council charge £30.00 per year for Duty of Care, this is included in the April invoice every year. If you wish to complete your own Duty of Care (Self Completion) you will need to ensure the details are correct and provide us with a copy of the signed form when signing up for a contract.

Using your Bin

Bins need to be placed at the kerbside on the day of your collection from 7am.

Lids must be closed properly

Recyclable bins should only have items that are recyclable.


Charges for Commercial Operators at Recycling Centres

It is a requirement to pay for the disposal of commercial waste at Council recycling centres. Charges are measured according to the size of vehicle and/or trailer. Commercial operators must make payments via Council’s Cash desk at Strahan’s Road, Strabane T:: 028 71253253 or Strand Road, Derry T: 028 7125 3253 where they will be given a voucher to be presented on site.

Commercial waste must be sorted and separated before coming on site.  Excessive loads of black bags will not be permitted – staff will be monitoring usage.

Commercial Charges- Recycling centres Cost (£ excl Vat)  
Small Van/Trailer 51.5
Large Van/Trailer 77.25
Large Van & Trailer 103
7.5 Tonne Lorry 113.3