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    Putting the Right Stuff in the Right Bin helps our environment and saves your local Council money. These savings could be spent on other public services like play parks, street cleaning and much more.

    Derry City and Strabane District Council offers food waste collection services to households in the Council district.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of waste must I recycle in my blue bin?

    In the blue bin you must place paper, cardboard, tins, cans, aerosols, glass, plastic bottles, pot, tubs and trays and juice cartons. See our Bin Collections page.

    What types of waste must I recycle in the brown wheelie bin?

    In the brown bin you must loosely place compostable garden waste, food waste (tied in compostable liner) cold ashes, shredded paper, small amounts of pet waste (tied within compostable liner) and compostable animal bedding, as well as wet card and paper that cannot go into the blue bin. See our Bin Collections page.

    What food waste should I put in the food waste caddys/bins?

    All food waste including raw and cooked food, vegetables and meat (including bones) leftovers and plate scrapings, vegetable peelings, breads and pastries and out of date food – all tied within compostable liner. Packaging must be removed. See our Bin Collections page.

    Why can I not have a brown bin?

    Brown bins are all ‘area dependent’. Most householders should have obtained a 240L Brown wheelie bin for Mixed garden and food use however remaining food waste only areas continue to use the food caddy service where it is practical to do so. Council continue to monitor areas for further roll out phases of the Brown bin in line with resources and funding. To check eligibility please contact a member of our team on 02871374107 or email [email protected].

    Apart from the legal requirement, why is it important to put food waste in the brown bins?

    We send the food waste we collect for recycling to make a garden compost product. If food waste goes to landfill, it rots and produces gases that are very harmful to the environment.

    What about food waste odour and pests?

    Food waste collected within your brown bin doesn’t increase odours or pest problems compared to putting food waste in your black bin. Keep your bin lid tightly closed and you should not have any problems with pests.

    What about the mess caused by recycling food waste at home?

    Council provides a free food waste caddy and also delivers compostable food waste caddy liners to your home upon request. Use these to store your food waste separately in your kitchen or utility room and dispose of this in a mess-free way. When the caddy liner is full take it out of the caddy and drop it in either the brown kerbside caddy or brown wheelie bin.

    Where should I leave my bin?

    Your bin should be left at the edge of your designated collection point with the handles facing out. If you have just moved to your property telephone 02871374107 and a member of the team will explain where this is.

    What time will my bin be emptied?

    Your bin collection can take place at any time from 7am onwards. As collection times can vary, it is important that always leave your bin out for 7am to ensure that it is emptied. We do not have sufficient resources to go back for a bin which was not out on time.

    Will extra bags be lifted?

    Due to health and safety concerns, only waste which is within the main body of the bin can be collected. Therefore, additional bags cannot be accepted.

    Can I put my bin out with the lid raised?

    Due to health and safety concerns, if your bin lid is raised it will not be emptied. You will be asked to ensure that the lid is fully closed when your bin is presented on your next collection day. We do not have sufficient resources to go back for a bin which was rejected due to a raised lid.

    What happens if my bin appears to have been missed?

    We will always try to empty your bin on your scheduled collection day. However, sometimes for various reasons we may miss some e.g. parked cars, roadworks blocking access to your street, difficult road conditions or adverse weather. Where you are not at fault, and resources permit, we will attempt to go back out for your bin. In these instances, continue to leave your bin out and, if necessary, contact a member of the Refuse Collection Team team on T. 02871374107 for further instructions. Please note: Council reserves the right not to return to collect a bin which was not presented on time, had a raised lid, overloaded or contaminated, or was rejected because it was an unauthorised larger/additional bin. All missed bins must be reported within 1 day of the scheduled collection for us to look into the matter on your behalf. 

    What happens to the waste I put in my black bin?

    All waste from domestic black bins goes to landfill. Please help us reduce this waste pollution by ensuring that you recycle as much as possible.

    What happens to the recycling waste I put in my blue bin?

    It is taken to a mechanical recovery facility where the waste is separated into its various waste streams before they are sent to be recycled into new materials.

    What happens when I move house?

    If you are moving into a new property in the council area you can purchase a new bin from the Council. Private house owners who purchased bin(s) at an existing address can take such bins with them if moving (given the bins are their property). Landlords or letting agents who’ve purchased bins (on behalf of a tenant) will expect them to remain at existing properties for incoming new tenants.

    What bins do I need to purchase?

    Private Owners are responsible for the purchase of general waste bins (black) and recycling (blue bins) for their properties. Landlords or letting agencies are also responsible for the provision of these bins to tenants.

    The standard size of bin allocated is 240 litres. Each household address should present their corresponding bin for collection according to their collection day/schedule.

    Further details available from our helpdesk on T: 02871374107

    Note: General waste bins and Recycling bins need to be purchased. Food Waste Caddies and Brown wheelie bins (initial allocation) are supplied by Council free of charge.

    What payment options are available to buy a new bin?

    Payments can be made online, over the phone  or in person (Council Offices, Strand Road, Derry or Strahans Road Waste Transfer Station, Strabane).

    How long will my bin take to deliver?

    Bin delivery will normally take between 3-5 working days from receipt of payment.

    I am a tenant, who pays for my bin?

    Landlords are responsible for the provision of bins to tenants.

    Do I need to be home when my new bin is delivered?

    You are not required to be at home when your new bin(s) are delivered. Our delivery personnel will be able to follow any instructions left at the time of purchase. Deliveries will take place during normal working hours – Monday to Friday; it normally takes 3-5 working days from receipt of payment.

    My bin was lost in the lorry during collection, will Council replace it?

    Occasionally a bin goes into the back of the lorry during collection. Where possible our crews will inform householders (via a calling card) this has happened. However, in cases of multiple bin presentation or unnumbered bins, this may not always be possible. Crews will also inform our back-office staff if a ‘lost in lorry bin’ has occurred. If it is confirmed your bin has been lost in one of our vehicles we will provide you with a new (like for like) bin free of charge. If you believe your bin has been lost in the lorry, please contact our helpdesk on T: 02871374107 where details will be verified.

    My food waste caddy is missing after collection; can I get a replacement?

    Lost your brown kerbside caddy bin?

    Call: 028 71 374 107
    Download the User Guide

    How do I get new caddy liners?

    Simply tie a food waste bag to the handle of your bin and the crew will provide you with a new roll of liners when they have emptied the bin/caddy.

    If you are completely out of liners, please contact our Control Room on 02871374107 and a member of staff will be happy to assist.

    What is the price of a new bin?

    Please click the link for a list of prices: View bin prices

    Where can I get more advice or help?

    You can get more advice or help in one of two easy ways:

    1. Download our free recycling app, just search for ‘Bin-ovation’ in the Apple Store or Google Play.
    2. Telephone us on 02871374107

    Fly Tipping

    ​Fly tipping continues to be an issue for Council and our enforcement team are on the ground actively investigating all incidents of fly-tipping. It is an offence to dump indiscriminately and you could face a Fixed Penalty Notice or a fine imposed by the court.

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