Street Cleansing

♻️Street cleansing ♻️ – Street cleansing services are continuing with our staff out keeping our city and town centres clean and tidy as well as our parks, green spaces and rural communities. There are some changes in place with regard to social distancing measures and health and safety measures as we continue to protect our staff and the public.

Council undertakes the manual sweeping of roadways, streets, footpaths and the litter picking of urban/rural roads, pedestrian precincts, parks cemeteries and open spaces and the servicing of litter bins.

Manual operatives are assigned to particular areas within Derry and Strabane City centres Zone1 area Monday –Friday. The manual regime in the city centres is increased at times of festivals i.e.Halloween and Christmas.

Manual cleaning of local housing estates and outlying villages within the district is either by full-time attendance of a street cleaning operative or by ‘mobile squad’ to de-litter, sweep debris and remove fly tipping etc. This includes Rural Hamlets (including Sion Mills, Newtonstewart, Plumbridge, Eglinton, Claudy, Lettershandoney, Park and New Buildings).


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