Paint Swap Scheme

Save paint from landfill and colour your community by taking part in Council’s Community Repaint Scheme at Pennyburn, Strathfoyle and Strahans Road Recycling Centres.

How the scheme works

When you drop paint off at Pennyburn, Strathfoyle or Strahans Road recycling centres, staff will check whether the paint is in a good enough condition to be reused. If it passes this test, it will be placed into the onsite Community RePaint paint collection areas of these centres where residents and local community groups can then collect the paint, free of charge, for DIY jobs and use in local projects.

Passing on your leftover paint for reuse and/or collecting FREE paint for your upcoming projects is a great way to prevent this usable paint from going to waste.

The Community RePaint network sees this leftover paint as a valuable resource and works to prevent it from going to waste by redistributing it for reuse, through their UK-wide paint reuse network, benefitting individuals, families, communities and charities in need. This leftover paint has enabled people on low income to redecorate their homes at an affordable cost while helping local groups and charities refresh shared spaces and create colourful murals for the community.

In 2022 alone, the Community RePaint network’s 72 schemes across the UK collected for reuse over 458,000 litres of leftover paint from across the UK and redistributed over 285,000 litres to brighten 189,313 lives while saving approximately 1.2 million kg of carbon emissions through paint reuse.

Before collecting any paint, residents will be required to sign a disclaimer and provide some personal details. This is to keep a record of where the paint is going, and to ensure we comply with our legal reporting requirements. Once you get home, if you are not happy with the quality of the paint you have collected, please bring it back to the centre for recycling.

Find out more about the Community RePaint Network.   


Local households can donate or pick up paint at Council’s main recycling centres as part of the Community Repaint Scheme.