Reduce my waste

Check out our hacks to help you waste less food.

Much of the food we throw away ends up in the bin because we didn’t get round to eating it in time. Small changes, such as using left-over food to make new dishes, storing food correctly and using shopping lists to only buy what you really need, can make a huge difference, saving you money and time (the more you waste, the more top up trips to the shop you’ll have to make). Not only this, but food waste is a huge contributor to climate change, so making the most of it is a simple but powerful act you can make every day.

Check out Love Food Hate Waste for loads of tips for storing food, here are some of our top tips to help you waste less food:

Don’t always remove the packaging
Keep bread out of the fridge
Keep an eye out for re-closable packs
Stock up on dried food
You can freeze almost anything
Did you know you can freeze cheese, eggs, milk, herbs and breadcrumbs?

Don’t forget to look out for any recycling information included on the label, which will tell you how to dispose of your packaging and if it can be recycled!

Build these into your daily routine to make a big difference.

No. 1

Read the news on your phone instead of picking up a paper.

No. 2

Get a KeepCup for your coffee.

No. 3

Bring your own breakfast and lunch to work or school.

No. 4

Use scrap envelopes and junk mail to write your to-do list in the morning.

No. 5

If you have to print any documents, print black & white and double-sided.

No. 6

Try not to print documents for meetings. Use technology to present instead and email agendas and slides to attendees beforehand.

No. 7

When you head out to lunch, take a reusable container with you, and ask your local deli or lunch haunt if you can take away your lunch in that, rather than a disposable plastic container.

No. 8

Invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it up at water fountains.

No. 9

Use a natural loofah and compost at its end of life.

No. 10

Ask for a doggy bag when you go out for dinner to save food and money.